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Friday, February 10, 2012

well here are some before shots, i took them last night after finishing off what was left of my diet mt.dew...ohh sweet nectar, you will be missed.

so, there my new baseline for this year.  shoot two years ago when i was near 300 pounds, i wouldn't have taken a shirtless picture.

so we'll see in a week if there is any noticeable change, and i'll follow this trend for a month at least.  i will try to keep the rest of my diet consistent (that is to say mostly meat, then veggies, then a smidgen of whatever within reason, next month i'll cut the rest off to further the experiment)

i will be adding some work outs to my weekly routine though,  the new place i work has a weight room and i plan to lift heavy things in it  :)

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