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Thursday, February 9, 2012

its been a while...

well its been a while hasn't it. i know hardly anyone looks at the blog, but at one time i had ideas of getting a little kick back from here. oh well, changed jobs and have a lot less stress now, plus i'm going to just try to do weekly updates on here from now on. i'm still trying to cheaply "restore" the 85 bmw 325e, its still running, will be getting the shifter fixed as well as the front end very soon. will start this year restoring the 97 grand cherokee as well, so there will probably be some post on fixing headliners and some electrical stuff, as well as changing all the fluids to get it to a baseline. i'm going to start a challenge for myself though. after watching this http://videosift.com/video/Shocking-Before-After-Transformation-in-5-Hours-EXPOSED i've decided to finally cut out diet drinks from my daily consumption. i'll post before pics because tonight i'll finish off what i have at the house, then in a weeks time with no diet drinks (i will try to not change anything else, still eating about 80% primal...more of that later) so watch for these things and more! woo, feels like an awesome year is coming up!

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