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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

rb - 14.4in
lb - 14in
rf - 12in
lf - 11.5in

rt - 25in
lt - 24.5in
rc - 17in
lc - 16.5

waist (bb) - 42in
chest - 46in

well there you have it, i'm right handed, but i guess i even use my right leg more to do everything with...i know both sides are the same strength as i use the same weight from either side...but the right just gets more use, time to start evening those numbers out...

and my waist at the belly button, holy cow!  i know at one time two years ago+ i measured larger at my waist then at my chest...can't get back there, and now i have my new year's baseline set...won't measure too often, might get the wife to help me next time to make sure i do it correctly  :)


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