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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

will be back to updates soonish

well i've almost hit 1000 views, been wanting to get back into this but things got very busy and i haven't even thought about it for a while.

bmw, sold...i'm now driving the 97 Grand Cherokee 4.0l and fixing it up.  i'll try to get some progress pictures up, plans are to finish getting all interior bits functional and installed, then fix the body up and paint it. i'll worry about lift kits and bigger tires another year, right now i want all speakers working properly, all options working like they should from the factory, and for it to look like a nice jeep, not the multi-color beast i cheaply tried to do last year.

got back into playing xbox 360, for almost half a month, then RROD strikes again.  i've done the penny trick (remove thermal pads on the bottom and replace with taped penny's to transfer heat better, i've modded the fan shroud to seperate the air flow and give the gpu better cooling, i've added a AUX fan in front of the cpu and on top of the gpu cooling heatpipe, i've used my heatgun to "hopefully" reflow the motherboard chips  (gpu and hana)....still freezes on netflix...  i am going to try to clear the hard drive cache/or remove hard drive to test it...and possible add a heatsink to the southbridge chip as well as take the case off so it all gets more air...i'm just sick and tired of trying to fix it, i really like battlefield 3 and trials evolutions, but jeez!

health wise, well its kinda a wash.  i hit 214lbs (don't know where i am today) but i haven't been very strict...been stressed and not worrying about health.  its going to be better though, i have a meat grinder, and i plan to use it, also have a deep fryer and peanut oil (maybe try to pickup some lard from morganton)

i'm up to almost 4 pull ups and i'm doing (sometimes) pushups with DD on my back (extra 30lbs)

thats it for now, will get back into the swing of things and updates to once a week or so.  thanks