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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

very sad

my okra was bad last night, i put in in the pan only to see it was freezer burned...i got very sad over this...mainly because i already put a lot of butter in the pan and i thought i had wasted it...and i really wanted to eat some okra last night.

well hears to tonight being better, i think i might try some okra and some sweet potato chips  :)  now butter of coconut oil...hummm  Delicious

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

smallish update

well did some weight lifting yesterday and i'm a little disappointed in myself.  i was able to go up in weight for bench, but everything else seemed like such an effort to do at the same weight as last week, so i'm wondering if i need to eat more fruit, or grab some tubers...or if i'm not eating enough calories.  maybe i should start a fit day and just keep track of it.

most days i don't eat breakfast, i have one thermos of coffee and thats it until lunch time.  then lunch and dinner are just normal meals, not really thinking on calories, but i would guess about 1500-2000 calories...humm really should do fit day

well hopefully this weekend will be nice, i want to change some of the fluids out in the jeep and hopefully go through all the tune up procedures for it to help get the most out of the MPG and life of the old thing.  i'll probably take some pics and do a small story of it as well, just to help chronicle it all somewhere.  google docs is good for that as well.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Not much to report

Well isn't much of an update due to onoy weighing and measuring once a week now. But I feel great and with the last wind storm we had, that took out one of our trees, I got some exersize in.  My father came by and helped saw the tree into smaller chunks (I guess around 30-50lbs) and then we carried them around back of the house.

Thinking of trying a little different work out schedule as well.  Maybe weighted on Monday ans Thursday and then on Saturday do a workout of body weight...

Friday, February 24, 2012

well got to do my workout at lunch, took about 20min today, did 3 sets of bench, lat pull down, curls, triceps extension, leg press, and calf extensions....

each one i would go until muscle failure. and by my last set (other than leg press) it hit faster, like 3-5 reps and i was already in failure.

all but the curls were done on a weight machine (thats whats here and i feel the burn)

bench i've moved up 20 pounds sense last week. 112-142 i think was the weight.
curls i'm at 30 pounds in each hand, should be at 32 next week
lat pull down was good at 190
leg press was good at 249-414 i think...it was one step up from last week
triceps were at 50 for the first rep then 60 for the last two.

so all in all i feel good, seeing progress in the gym...

so far i'm shooting for doing this 2 times a week, the first is either mon or tue after work, then the next is thu or fri either lunch or after work.

as far as fasting and working out, this was my first time, didn't see any side effects and feel great!

i will be trying to fast once a week..but i'll let that up to chance or like today was too lazy to fix something at home to bring to work.

also, almost kicked my diet soda addiction...i did have one a day, all but two days last week..so this week has been even easier.  i think drinking coffee in the morning really helps with this.  this is a first week of being really good for me food wise.  i've made good choices, (still too much ranch in a bottle) and i even decided not to grab a milkshake one day this week.  thats a big win for me!  

feeling great, though also researching leptin resets and cold showers...humm always something!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

rb - 14.4in
lb - 14in
rf - 12in
lf - 11.5in

rt - 25in
lt - 24.5in
rc - 17in
lc - 16.5

waist (bb) - 42in
chest - 46in

well there you have it, i'm right handed, but i guess i even use my right leg more to do everything with...i know both sides are the same strength as i use the same weight from either side...but the right just gets more use, time to start evening those numbers out...

and my waist at the belly button, holy cow!  i know at one time two years ago+ i measured larger at my waist then at my chest...can't get back there, and now i have my new year's baseline set...won't measure too often, might get the wife to help me next time to make sure i do it correctly  :)
i put a stick of butter in the pan, then the sprouts, then added salt and garlic powder, let it heat up for a bit, then mixed them all up. then i put a little more salt, more garlic, then added minced onion. then mix around until the onions and sprouts started to brown. good to go

so at the request of the wife, here is the awesomeness of the veggies

alright, so got home yesterday and HIIT really zapped the energy out, so i didn't measure or do much of anything last night, i guess i worked out my hands giving a back rub and foot rub to my wife, but went to bed shortly after 10, which is early.

i did loose a half a pound so thats awesome.  will try to get my measurements posted tonight, i'm going to keep track of both arms (biceps and forearms), both legs (calves and thighs) my waist (around belly button) and chest size...i may keep track of neck size as well...

should be interesting...oh i have a long term goal, for this summer...to be posted on Mark's front page as a success story...we'll see how that goes

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

well another day by, i'm down a pound now, 229 as of this morning.  i'm going to try and take measurements tonight so i have a new baseline (didn't do that 2 years ago)

i might either have a mild case of IBS or possible a gluten allergy...suffice it to say, i am paying for how i ate over the weekend.  this time i started thinking, everytime i have a few beers or something with lots of bread, it seems like the next day or two i feel worse and worse and spending a lot of time in a certain room.

so theres more motivation for me.it did snow a little sunday, and me and my daughter were able to go out and play.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

ok, well i didn't get an update yesterday.  i guess i was feeling bad because there wasn't an update.

so heres the score, weekly/monlthly challenge 1...daniel 0

so even after trying to work up my resolve to eat nothing but meat and veggies...in comes my new job and i don't think there is a day that there isn't fresh baked something.  so i eat a piece...then i forget coffee...so i grab a diet mt.dew to feed what i think is my caffeine addiction...

well this weekly challenge....is fast at least one day. and eat 0 carbs!  game on, i'm about to score in this game!

ps...i'll also hopefully be replacing the 97 grand cherokee headliner next weekend unless the weather is bad...and doing full tune ups on both the 85 325e and the jeep...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ok, kinda mid week update, will update pics later.

i've been good without any diet drinks...though my coffee drinking has picked up, but i've behaved with it, only a teaspoon of steevia in the raw and a good splash of no sugar creamer (the kind made with palm oil and water...)  so i would say its pretty harmless amount of liquad calories and no worries about insulin response.

i was off on my weight, i was a little over 230 on friday, probably 233'ish...today i was 230 even, hopefully a few more pounds by friday and a reduction in bloat, but we'll see.  this is a month long challenge to myself.

see you guys in a few days

Friday, February 10, 2012

well here are some before shots, i took them last night after finishing off what was left of my diet mt.dew...ohh sweet nectar, you will be missed.

so, there my new baseline for this year.  shoot two years ago when i was near 300 pounds, i wouldn't have taken a shirtless picture.

so we'll see in a week if there is any noticeable change, and i'll follow this trend for a month at least.  i will try to keep the rest of my diet consistent (that is to say mostly meat, then veggies, then a smidgen of whatever within reason, next month i'll cut the rest off to further the experiment)

i will be adding some work outs to my weekly routine though,  the new place i work has a weight room and i plan to lift heavy things in it  :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

its been a while...

well its been a while hasn't it. i know hardly anyone looks at the blog, but at one time i had ideas of getting a little kick back from here. oh well, changed jobs and have a lot less stress now, plus i'm going to just try to do weekly updates on here from now on. i'm still trying to cheaply "restore" the 85 bmw 325e, its still running, will be getting the shifter fixed as well as the front end very soon. will start this year restoring the 97 grand cherokee as well, so there will probably be some post on fixing headliners and some electrical stuff, as well as changing all the fluids to get it to a baseline. i'm going to start a challenge for myself though. after watching this http://videosift.com/video/Shocking-Before-After-Transformation-in-5-Hours-EXPOSED i've decided to finally cut out diet drinks from my daily consumption. i'll post before pics because tonight i'll finish off what i have at the house, then in a weeks time with no diet drinks (i will try to not change anything else, still eating about 80% primal...more of that later) so watch for these things and more! woo, feels like an awesome year is coming up!