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Friday, February 24, 2012

well got to do my workout at lunch, took about 20min today, did 3 sets of bench, lat pull down, curls, triceps extension, leg press, and calf extensions....

each one i would go until muscle failure. and by my last set (other than leg press) it hit faster, like 3-5 reps and i was already in failure.

all but the curls were done on a weight machine (thats whats here and i feel the burn)

bench i've moved up 20 pounds sense last week. 112-142 i think was the weight.
curls i'm at 30 pounds in each hand, should be at 32 next week
lat pull down was good at 190
leg press was good at 249-414 i think...it was one step up from last week
triceps were at 50 for the first rep then 60 for the last two.

so all in all i feel good, seeing progress in the gym...

so far i'm shooting for doing this 2 times a week, the first is either mon or tue after work, then the next is thu or fri either lunch or after work.

as far as fasting and working out, this was my first time, didn't see any side effects and feel great!

i will be trying to fast once a week..but i'll let that up to chance or like today was too lazy to fix something at home to bring to work.

also, almost kicked my diet soda addiction...i did have one a day, all but two days last week..so this week has been even easier.  i think drinking coffee in the morning really helps with this.  this is a first week of being really good for me food wise.  i've made good choices, (still too much ranch in a bottle) and i even decided not to grab a milkshake one day this week.  thats a big win for me!  

feeling great, though also researching leptin resets and cold showers...humm always something!

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