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Saturday, February 18, 2012

ok, well i didn't get an update yesterday.  i guess i was feeling bad because there wasn't an update.

so heres the score, weekly/monlthly challenge 1...daniel 0

so even after trying to work up my resolve to eat nothing but meat and veggies...in comes my new job and i don't think there is a day that there isn't fresh baked something.  so i eat a piece...then i forget coffee...so i grab a diet mt.dew to feed what i think is my caffeine addiction...

well this weekly challenge....is fast at least one day. and eat 0 carbs!  game on, i'm about to score in this game!

ps...i'll also hopefully be replacing the 97 grand cherokee headliner next weekend unless the weather is bad...and doing full tune ups on both the 85 325e and the jeep...

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