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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

smallish update

well did some weight lifting yesterday and i'm a little disappointed in myself.  i was able to go up in weight for bench, but everything else seemed like such an effort to do at the same weight as last week, so i'm wondering if i need to eat more fruit, or grab some tubers...or if i'm not eating enough calories.  maybe i should start a fit day and just keep track of it.

most days i don't eat breakfast, i have one thermos of coffee and thats it until lunch time.  then lunch and dinner are just normal meals, not really thinking on calories, but i would guess about 1500-2000 calories...humm really should do fit day

well hopefully this weekend will be nice, i want to change some of the fluids out in the jeep and hopefully go through all the tune up procedures for it to help get the most out of the MPG and life of the old thing.  i'll probably take some pics and do a small story of it as well, just to help chronicle it all somewhere.  google docs is good for that as well.



  1. eat a sweet potato everyday. its a powerhouse of energy, vitamins and nutrients.

  2. i've wanted to start eating more of them, but would everyday be too much? right now i only do heavy lifting 2-3 times a week, would i just eat it the day after a work out?

    thanks for the comment!

  3. So you want sweet potatoes and fruit? Do you want me to put that on the list? What kind of fruit? I just made some awesome pear-puree popsicles (I'll post about it with pics later). I can try to start keeping stuff on hand for breakfast if you want (boiled or deviled eggs or precooked sausage) but you would probably forget to eat it anyhow!

    I think you are doing well. It's starting off kind of slow but that's okay. You're doing something.


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