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Monday, April 2, 2012

alright, so weekend went pretty good.  i got a Sport steering wheel for the bmw, didn't have leather on it so i god a wrap kit and sewed it on.

not perfect, but heard on some reviews that after it gets some heat it settles out nicely, but overall very happy with results and feels nice.

next part, i changed all the fluids this weekend in the jeep.
oil, like 30 mins at the most, rear end about an hour...transmission maybe 2 hours if not a bit more.  it was a PAIN!  but now it has a new air filter, new synthetic oil and filter, new transmission fluid (also new gasket and filter), new rear end gasket and gear lube.

its running much smoother, no more noise from the rear end.  give it a few weeks and should start seeing that MPG going back up to where it should be...

thats about it for now, working out today and then home for some chicken and sweet potatoes!  awesome start of the week.

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