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Monday, April 16, 2012

so i haven't given up on the blog, just been very busy!

last week wasn't a weigh-in or a measurement week, so didn't have much to update.  working out my larger muscle groups first seem to be much more efficient and i'm seeing good gains each week.  this weekend was great!  me and DD were out in the back yard and we are thinking of putting in a tire swing on the plum tree out back.  i decided i would see how strong one of the branches  were and reached up and grabbed it.  without thinking i pulled myself up to my chin and was just watching the branch, seeing it it bowed or moved much, then i was just hanging there and was like...i just did a straight arm pull up...holy crap!

i changed out the muffler on my car this weekend as well.  it was rotted out bad...here is a pic
put a thrush turbo muffler in its place, so its working and no more drone on the highway.  also no backfiring when going down hills or stopping at a stop sign.

tore up a wooden frame out back as well (used to hold the metal building) and it was rotted as well.  still took a lot of lifting and hitting with hammers...even DD helped with her little wooden tools.

considering trying to go back to working on simple fit.  still do a workout in the weight room once a week, but do some simple fit through the week with proper pullups.  this is a constantly changing journey in finding what works best for me and my want to have a six pack and ripped arms/back.

alright, will report back later

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