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Monday, April 30, 2012

28 hours later...

alright, so i'm at 28 hours into my fast, 2nd attempt at doing a ~40 hour fast.  so far so good, i'm tired, only thing i've had is some diet mt.dew at work and one cup of coffee tonight, a little cream (palm oil based)

plan to work tomorrow normal, take a cup of coffee with me, and skip lunch...then work out hard as i can after work.  DW is already planning to fix my sweet potatoes and we'll have some meat...just don't know...chicken, pork or beef...any case it shall be grand!

also, saturday i did weigh myself, down to 220.  hoping this new weight loss keeps going and i'm back into the 210's again this end of the week.  learning to eat only what i need and not all that my eyes think i can.  bad problem with that, i turn into a bottomless pit for food.  so far 2 weeks of eating almost all in a "eating window" for 4 hours and paying close attention after i have one serving of food to see if i still feel hungry.

also still progressing nicely in the gym and getting closer to what i think is tabata hiit.  i basically go in and work out large muscle groups and have little to no break in between sets.  takes me about 20-30 mins to do all my workout and at the end i can barely raise my arm and i'm sweating, sounds like a good workout to me, and no cardio involved, my body isn't built for running thats for sure!


  1. I'm proud of you. I really can see a big difference and not just physically. There's a big change mentally and emotionally as well.

    I guess lately is a bad time to revamp my recipes, eh? Mmmmm....

  2. you are doing wonderfully, i love your cooking. you are the best wife ever


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