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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

35+ hours into it...

alright, so another brief update.  still successful on my 40+ hour fast.  i should be ending it after gymnastic's with DD tonight and should be right around the 46-48 hour mark.  so WOO

so how does this feel.  well last night i did get very tired, it was easy for me to fall asleep at a good time.  i woke up this morning feeling great!  i was surprised and thought i would be very lethargic today, but thank heaven, i'm feeling good.  although now that its lunch time, i am thinking about being hungry...but its not a bad painful feeling either.

going to work out as well, all i can do is push as hard as i can and we'll see how that works out.  will probably only do a big fast like this once every two week to once a month.  we'll see how i feel and how things go.

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