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Monday, April 23, 2012

smallish update

ok, so heres a small update, re-wired my speakers in the bmw, huge improvement getting rid of the common ground!  also have two new pioneer speakers in the back deck, big difference with them.  next up for that car, new alternator belt and then fixing the shifter linkages...after thats done, i can put all the interior back in and not worry about the car for a while.

the other update, here are some pics i took, it goes from oldest to newest.  i'll find the dates later, but basically, its feb, mar, apr...that sounds right  :)

i can tell a difference, its getting more subtle, but pants are getting better, and my chest is getting more firm.  weight has went from 230ish then to 226 then to 223...so nothing big there but thats not the whole story, if you look at my inches, i've lost more than that, but its putting on muscle thats been helping the most.

i look like i'm loosing hair too.  just different times of hair cuts  :)

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