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Friday, March 30, 2012

well the weather was crappy last weekend, got all the parts to start working on the jeep/bmw/snapper/house...but didn't get a lot done.

i did sharpen the blade of the snapper, changed its oil, put on a new belt and cut most of the grass right before i went to Raleigh for conferences. 

this weekend looks much better weather.  jeep does have a new air filter, the old one looked like a lung from a smoker of 200 years...very black and filthy. 

i'll try to remember pictures,  cause it really spices up the blog =P

so hopefully oil change for the jeep.  start on the radiant barrier in the attic, install the chain locks on the front and back door.  still find time to have fun with family.  sounds like good weekend to me

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