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Monday, March 19, 2012

still here, going to be doing some different stuff up here soon.

little update, i was a 4 pounds as of friday, though measurements didn't really move, so i'm still keeping muscle...thinking my body is just getting used to the new nutrition and is building different things/healing.  we'll see what happens this friday.  tonight i'm going to eat a normal dinner, then i'm going to give a 48 hour fast a try.  won't eat again til wednesday dinner.  will update on how i feel and if i'll do it agian, probably just go back to skipping two meals after this week, but i'm curious.

alright, so whats going to be showing up here?  well i'm going to clean up and redo my entertainment setup.  right now its a computer just laying in a standup cabinet.  so i'm going to clean up the cables, and move some shelves around, as right now i have two printers there (laser and color) and one is on top of the case.  will try and move it inside the cabinet and put a runner on the wall for the cables running for antenna and internet.

also will be trying to clean up our back room (freezer room) and prepare it for use as a work room for car parts and a little storage, not like it is now.

I'll be fixing my bicycle (bent the rear wheel when i was closer to 270's and haven't done anything sense.  so once i can get it straight or buy a used wheel, i will start looking for a bike for DW.

next up (maybe the weekend) i will be doing Stage 0 on the bmw and the jeep.  for those that don't know, stage 0 represents getting the car to "factory" type specs, fresh fluids all around, new belts if needed, and any other moving part will be inspected.  so i'll be doing that in the back yard.  will take pics and update on better MPG, HP, whatever are bonus's...

last but not least.  bought a little riding mower.  an older (80's) snapper RER (rear engine rider) 30" cut.  it only needed a belt to work properly.  bought it and put it on wrong so after half the yard is cut, it breaks.  so i'll get a new belt this week, also going to change the oil on it, new spark plug (or clean up the one in it if thats all it needs) and grease up moving parts.  will also take the blade off and sharpen it.  should be a good little mower.  maybe next year i'll start a light restore process on it.


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