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Friday, March 23, 2012

alright this will be a big one, kinda...maybe

anyways, i took some pictures and put them beside of ones i had from 4-5 weeks ago. 

so after is first then the before pic.  i wasn't sucking in my gut and i think i had the same posture.  so there some good motivation, i still don't see it when i look down, but if i see it in pics then it helps a lot!

measurements, didn't change much, i gained a .25in on my bicep.  gained like 2in on my chest. 

everything else was unchanged for the most part, i think my measurement skills are to be questioned.  i don't think i take them consistantly enough yet.  i also took my neck and it is 16.5.

weight went to 226 today, so 3 pounds different than last week, still up 1 pound from two weeks, but i think i'm loosing fat and gaining muscle, so who cares what the scale says.

thats all i got for now, maybe more stuff over the weekend if the weather is alright

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  1. I see such a big difference in the side shot. You're doing great! Keep it up!


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