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Friday, March 2, 2012

friday, measure and weight

rb - 14.5
rf - 12.25
lb - 14
lf - 12
rt - 25
rc - 17
lt - 24
lc - 16.75
bb - 41
ch - 45

ok so theres my measurements for this friday, also I weighed 226 this morning!  feeling great, great dinner after work, got lots finished at work, feeling great!

tomorrow will be body weight work out day...so looking forward to busting my buns...

so looking at my other measurements, looks like I've dropped an inch for my chest, my waist at the belly button...and gains here and there (little gains) on my arms and legs...so this is great!  just what i'm wanting

for the weights i'll just use the big number, its easier to remember than the two number system on the machines and it might be changing as the college is upgrading to a new weight room...

Bench - 156
Curls - 100 first set and 90 the last two
tricep extension - 50
Lat. Pull down - 190 first 2 sets and 170 the last set
leg press and calf extensions - 551

thats pretty much my work out as of right now, i keep finding a better rhythm about it and i have to increase weights now to get to the same muscle failure as my first work out, so i'm liking it very much. will get measurements tonight after work

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