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Thursday, August 11, 2011

well well, timing belts and teaching

well tonight was a wonderful night, after i got a cheap burger at burger king...i make a u-turn to go back to the college, only to find the car isn't running and the motor turns without any fire....so think about it for a sec, I bet that timing belt snapped...the motor only has 200+ thousand on it. Yes it was the timinig belt. So i guess i get to kick off the blog by replacing the timing belt. I'll take some pictures and go through all the steps I can remember. should be a fun all day process.

So i got to walk for a while to the college, talk about missing the car, even no a/c and other issues, it sure is a lot faster to drive. luckly the owner of the shop i parked the car at pulled up and asked if i needed a ride, so i said sure. got to work (i teach at the local community college part time) and was very sweaty and was tired, but class went ok. talked a lot about the internet, had a huge tangent on eating primal, found out one lady could get me some raw milk and butter...so i say its a good night.

well saturday is now packed...get to install a timing belt. any takers?

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