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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back after night shift...

Well i had to work a couple of 12 hour shifts through 2nd and 3rd shift. But i'm back to normal now with most of my sleep taken care of.

The BMW may be a lost cause, I've got stuck on one bolt left before i can remove the head to make sure its worth it or not. Its possible that the pistons are damaged and then would require me to pull the motor to replace them, thats more trouble than a $700 car is worth. so either find another e30 guy who needs it as a parts or or part it out and scrap the majority of it. should be able to reclaim my cost.

Getting ready to setup a learning center as such in my house. I have a Cisco Switch, Cisco Router and a HP server that will be used for VMware training. Should be good to go for getting my VCP (VMware Certified Professional) and my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Admin)

More updates to come soon, will start a fundraiser by selling things that i don't use anymore and there isn't any need to keep in the house. That will either go towards a new car or to fix the BMW back up to GLORY! thanks

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